Emder Werft und Dock GmbH
Zum Zungenkai
26725 Emden

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Emder Werft und Dock GmbH

Emden Werft und Dock GmbH or „Emden Dockyard“ is the name of our shipyard that continues the shipbuilding tradition of well renowned former “Nordseewerke” yard. We have specialised on repair, upgrading and refitting of ships. Our portfolio ranges from class renewal works and repair of merchant ships to repair of governmental ships including naval vessels. Additionally, we are active in the area of small and medium-sized cruise vessels both for repair and upgrading. And finally, we also provide a number of services to the offshore wind industry with its windfarms in the German Bight.Our dockyard in the inner harbour of the city of Emden is located alongside the much frequented waterway from Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Emden to Rotterdam and England. Due to its position in the outmost north-western part of Germany the distance to the windfarms is minimum when starting from Emden.


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