IUBH Internationale Hochschule

Waterloohain 9

22769 Hamburg


IUBH Internationale Hochschule

The IUBH is one of the best private universities in Germany (FIBAA Premium Awards) and unites four independent higher education areas with more than 20,000 students throughout Germany. Students can benefit from dual study programs, distance learning courses, IUBH Campus Studies (English-language Bachelor’s and Master’s programs) as well as extra-occupational study programs. The programs are designed for a variety of areas such as Business & Management, Health & Social, Tourism & Event, etc. The practical relevance and the high quality of our teaching gives our students excellent career prospects.

In the dual study program, students can participate intensively and actively in their respective partner companies in a weekly change or a split week. This benefit is also reflected in numbers. Our network currently has more than 3,000 partners, compared to 400 in 2012.