Northern Business School

Holstenhofweg 62

22043 Hamburg


T: +49 (0)40 35700340

F: +49 (0)40 433124701

Northern Business School

The NBS Northern Business School is an officially recognized, non-profit university of applied sciences situated in Hamburg. Its formation was initiated by companies and trade associations from the metropolitan area of Hamburg. The NBS enables students to achieve an academic degree through two models: In the part-time model, conceived especially for employees and trainees, classes take place Fridays 6pm to 9pm and Saturdays 8am to 5pm. In the full-time model, classes take place from Monday through Friday.

The offered courses are geared towards the demands of Hamburg’s economy and encompass fields such as Business Administration with specializations offered in International Management, Real Estate Management and many others, as well as Security Management and Management of Social Work. For all courses, the NBS unites the best of two worlds: The quality and security of officially recognized academic degrees and the support and comforts of a private service provider. With small learning groups, an intense mentoring by the lecturers and practically oriented educational contents, courses are designed to address students’ needs.