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In HCN, companies with a reference to cruises work closely with state-sector actors in the form of a public-private partnership (PPP). As a leading cruise shipping network, Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. represents the interests of its members and, as a platform, offers an array of opportunities for exchanging experiences and dialogue.

Alongside the association members, the municipal organisations Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH (CGH) and Hamburg Marketing GmbH (HMG), as a holding with their members Hamburg Invest Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (HIW), Hamburg Tourismus GmbH (HHT) and Hamburg Convention Bureau GmbH, also contribute their expertise to the network.

Who can become a member of Hamburg Cruise Net e.V.?
In principle anyone who has, or would like to have, direct or indirect ties to cruise shipping in Hamburg. The association is open to all companies, service providers, organisations and also private individuals who work for the industry.
Where can I submit my application?
You can directly download applications for a membership of Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. here. There are two different forms: for private individuals and for companies/organisations. Please choose the variant that applies to you and please send us the completed and signed application by fax, e-mail or post.

Application for private individualsApplication for companies/organisations

How much does membership cost?
Companies, institutions or individual business people pay a membership fee of 250 Euro annually, plus a subsidy that begins at 500 Euro and is open-ended. Private individuals with no commercial occupation in the cruise industry can become a member of HCN for a contribution of 100 Euro annually
What are the benefits of membership of HCN?
Members benefits in multiple respects. Just a few advantages are listed at this point:

  • exclusive admission to Member Events (cruise meet-up, Site Inspections, workshops, summer party)
  • reduced participation fee at conferences/network events
  • Member Profile in the industry guide
  • Trade show participation at joint stands/distribution of promotional material
  • when Web banners are switched on at www.hamburgcruise.net and the “2-in-1” offer is claimed, a 50 percent discount will be granted for the Web banner at www.hafen-hamburg.de
  • Member involvement in the “Welcome Culture”, e.g. flyer displays for members in the terminals
  • free press review + newsletter
How can I support the association?
On our website we also offer non-members the opportunity to place advertising via ad banners or in the form of editorial texts. For queries, please contact us.

Our members at a glance

When you click on the logos, you will arrive on our members’ image page, which comprises additional info and contact details.

Cruise liners

Cruise providers & Travel agencies

Port authorities and companies

Hotels and catering

Leisure and tourism

Trade shows and events

Medien & Consultans

Financial, trade and business

Shipbuilding, ship technology and equipment

Organisations and associations

Education institutions

Personal membership

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