Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. (HCN) is the cruise ship initiative for Hamburg. In the form of a public/private partnership (PPP), the association manages a comprehensive network comprising private and public companies that represents the metropolitan region’s combined cruise shipping competence. Members of the association include cruise liners, port service contractors, tourism providers, hotel operators plus municipal organisations and authorities. They all work together under the aegis of Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. to continue to enhance Hamburg’s attractiveness as an international cruising metropolis, create jobs, increase added value at the location and get pioneering technologies and service offerings off the ground.

Serving as a communication platform, the association promotes dialogue within the industry and publicly represents its interests at the same time. The network management initiates and co-ordinates joint activities where it is advisable and necessary to do so. These activities include promotional appearances at trade shows, events, and in the media. An essential aspect of the association’s work is to grow the network by attracting new members. The association is open to all companies, service providers, organisations and private operators who work for the industry.


The network management assumed by HCN covers eight areas of activity. The association predominantly performs co-ordinating and process-supporting tasks along the way. The following areas are the main focus of guidelines and working groups: General location marketing, optimisation of arrival and departure for cruise passengers, sustainable cruise shipping, plus training and qualification in cruise shipping. In addition, the association is committed to the drafting of a master plan for developing cruise shipping in Hamburg.

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The association’s history and evolution of cruise shipping in Hamburg



Hamburg Cruise Center e.V. becomes Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. The association has more than 130 members and is open as a public private partnership (PPP) to both private and municipal companies. As the central contact partner for cruise shipping in Hamburg, HCN co-ordinates the industry network and boosts its location marketing externally.

The landside power station at Cruise Center Altona takes up regular operation after a test phase lasting several months.

Hamburg plans a second landside power station in HafenCity. The terminal is to be converted by 2021 and redesigned as part of the southern Überseequartier.



As a 100 percent subsidiary of the HPA, Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH takes on the operational running of all three terminals (Altona, HafenCity and Steinwerder) and functions as the central contact point for cruise liners.

Dismantling of the temporary Terminal 2 at Cruise Center HafenCity. Terminal 1 is to be retained with all functions until 2021.



Cruise Terminal Steinwerder (CC3) opens in the former Mittlerer Freihafen, offering space even for really big cruise ships at its 405 m long quay.



Founding of the cruise shipping initiative Hamburg Cruise Net (HCN).

From 2014 – 2017 building of the Cruise Office as an operational preliminary stage of Network Management. During the project, HCC and Hamburg consultancy UNICONSULT jointly work on the bases for the institutionalisation of Hamburg Cruise Net e.V..

Founding of the terminal operating company Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH (CGH) as a joint venture between the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and Flughafen Hamburg GmbH (FHG).



With Cruise Terminal Altona (CC2) Hamburg expands capacities by a mooring point and a modern check-in hall.



Cruise Terminal HafenCity (CC1) is opened.



With the association Hamburg Cruise Center e.V., just under 20 founding members pave the way for the new age of cruise shipping in Hamburg.


Birte Pyczak

Julia-Katharina Gelbe


Dr. Stefan Behn

Chairman of the Board

formerly HHLA Chairman Segment Container

Reinhard Wolf

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Legal adviser to Handelskammer Hamburg a.D.

Dennis Tetzlaff

Director Nautical Fleet
TUI Cruises

Simone Maraschi

Managing Director Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH

Hansjörg Kunze

Vice President Communication & Sustainability, AIDA Cruises

Giselher Schultz-Berndt

Geschäftsführer HafenCity Hamburg GmbH

Christian Hein

Managing Director MSC Cruises

Michael Otremba

Geschäftsführer Hamburg Tourismus GmbH

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees advises and supports the Board and the Management of the association Hamburg Cruise Net on strategic matters of network formation. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees in Frank Horch, Senator of the Authority for Economic Affairs, Traffic and Innovation (BWVI). A total of 17 institutions, companies and associations that are among the central actors in the cruise shipping initiative are represented on the Expert Committee.
Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Polizei Hamburg