Training and qualification

Almost no other sector covers quite as broad a spectrum of professional profiles and services as the cruise shipping industry does. In this context, Hamburg as a location offers a wide range of training and employment opportunities. In order to draw the attention of potential skilled employees to the diverse job prospects, Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. has compiled a Web-based training guide. This guide provides an overview of the areas of activity at sea and on land with reference to cruise shipping, and describes the necessary qualifications while listing the relevant education institutions. The aim is also to present new professional profiles and study qualifications, plus further training offerings in Hamburg.

HCN e.V. promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience with universities and other education institutions. The partnership is intended to provide apprentices and students with better practical orientation and familiarise them with the location’s assets. The Network Management supports maritime education projects, mediates experts and assists in the organisation of specialist events.

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