Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. connects people, ideas, Hamburg and the love of cruises. The association promotes collaboration at various levels. For example, experts regularly meet in working groups and workshops. Besides the annual members’ meeting, Site Inspections, cruise meet-ups and a summer party are organised together with various partners.

Site Inspections

Site Inspections give partner companies the opportunity to present their offerings and locations. The particular target group are incoming agencies and organisers of landside excursions and programmes.

Cruise meet-up

Four times a year, at a different place each time, HCN invites members to a meet-up. Existing contacts are deepened, new ones are made and partnerships are forged in an informal setting.

Summer party

Together with the Tourismusverband Hamburg e.V., Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. organises a big party for the members of both associations in September. The motto of the networking event is: Cruise meets Tourism.

Photo: Pixabay


Hamburg Cruise Net e.V.

Wexstrasse 7
20355 Hamburg

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