BS 03
Berufliche Schule Hotellerie, Gastronomie und Lebensmittelhandwerk

Angerstraße 4

22087 Hamburg


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School of Hospitality and Gastronomy Management

We take in hospitality professionals from operative levels and help them develop into managers. Each of our students has gained more than four years of professional experience in the hospitality industry (the apprenticeship plus at least one year afterwards) before being admitted to our school. Then they study business administration, controlling, human resource management and languages in order to gain the knowledge required to fulfil management functions successfully. Additionally, each of them sets a focus on one of these areas to create for themselves a sharper profile in the labour market: Chain Restaurant Management, Cruise Management, Event Management, International Hotel Management (in English), or Tourism Marketing & E-Commerce. With this combination of practical experience and a further education oriented on management requirements our alumni have excellent answers to the industry‘s challenges.