Hafen Hamburg Marketing

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20457 Hamburg


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Terminals, Forwarders, Shipping Companies, Packers, Storage and Logistics Providers

The Port of Hamburg’s immense potential is founded on a host of companies located throughout the Metropolitan Region. It is therefore essential that the strengths and advantages of individual companies be networked into a services profile. Since being founded in 1985 we have been concentrating, meanwhile in consultation with the Hamburg Port Authority , all the individual strengths of our members in the Port of Hamburg Marketing Association.

With skilful location marketing we contribute to the long-term strengthening of the competitive position of the Port of Hamburg as well as the ports of the Metropolitan Region – and with great success. Hamburg as a port/logistics region today enjoys a positive image all over the world, standing for professionalism, efficiency and innovation. Especially in times of global and economic change, we must aim toconsolidate and expand this excellent position in the market.