HafenCity Hamburg GmbH

Osakaallee 11

20457 Hamburg


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With the development of the HafenCity along the Elbe, Hamburg sets a new standard in Europe: In an area of 157 ha, a lively city with a maritime feel, work, housing, culture, leisure, tourism and retail will be completed by around 2025 – in contrast to pure office-and retail-dominated city areas. Your very central location and the high quality standards that distinguishes the HafenCity by most other major urban development projects at a waterfront. Already now, the HafenCity is an urban place with approx. 2.000 residents and many shops, cafes and restaurants as well as increasing visitor numbers. Currently approx. 9,000 employees are working for more than 450 companies, including 40 large companies with a land requirement of about 1.000 square meters and up to 1.400 employees.