Jongen GmbH

Reiherdamm 5

20457 Hamburg


T: +49 (0)40 369175611

F: +49 (0)40 369175610

Jongen – your partner at the Port of Hamburg for waste disposal, cleaning of ships and oil spill response

Jongen GmbH is a specialist for waste oil / waste water/ waste disposal from ships in the port of Hamburg and a reliable partner for the Hamburg Environment Protection Agency when dealing with oil spills in the port.
Jongen is also the trusted partner for several cruise ship operators in the port of Hamburg.

Our experienced and certified staff handles the cleaning of cargo holds of tankers and dry cargo ships. Sophisticated tank barges and trucks carry out the transportation and disposal of waste water and general waste.

Our range of services includes the collection, transportation and disposal of any kind of waste from a ship, i.e. solid waste, bilge water or oil waste as well as cleaning of cargo holds, tanks and engine rooms.

Customer service and environmental friendliness are our main focus.