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Oliver Schmidt

“I wouldn’t like to live without passenger ships”, Oliver Schmidt says honestly, looking forward to his 40th cruise anniversary in 2019. His cruise experience’s history is much longer than the boom in the cruise industry which startet in the mid-nineties. Classic liners, small ships and his “historic darlings” were his reason to join the business. All subjects around cruising and cruise ships are in the center of the travel journalist’s interest; since 2003 he has been a responsible editor of maritime media, since 2015, he’s the editor in chief of “Koehlers Guide Kreuzfahrt”, an annual guidebook to all cruise subjects, which is completely renewed every year. He likes to explain the things that have been fascinating him since his childhood to others, which he has been doing in the “EBC Hochschule” in Hamburg since 2012. For this private University, he presents two talkshows about cruise careers every year and is an active lecturer in the special certification course “Cruise Management”