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Radiopark supplies individual music programs for use on cruise ship, in the hotel industry, gastronomy and trade. The Hamburg-based media company provides tailor-made solutions for customers in more than 40 countries. From a constantly growing music archive with more than 1 million tracks, the Radiopark team develops specially designed, time-based music programs for all desired requirements. With professional planning, reliable and flexible hardware and our patented software, no permanent web connection is necessary – for the shipping industry especially, a big advantage. Radiopark has shipping in its genetic code, as a cruise ship was our first customer and the reason for founding the company. Today, cruise liners, luxury yachts, excursion boats and ferries are among the growing list of our customers.As a full-service provider, Radiopark is not only your best contact for background music, but also for audio planning and suppliers of the required loudspeaker and amplifier systems.